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We offer the following modern procedures to our patients- young and old:

bulletSnoring Children

Australian Guidelines were released in 2007 and David McIntosh was featured in news stories in Queensland about these guidelines. The most concerning feature of the Guidelines is that not enough children are being treated and even after several years, the message is slow to get through. We offer opinion professional advice regarding Sleep Disordered Breathing in children and strongly recommend seeing a specialist if your child snores.

bullet"Day Surgery" tonsillectomy

Most healthy children are being done as day cases by David. David has performed tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in children as day cases ever since he returned from overseas. The popularity of this is significant, with most parents now expecting that they will be able to take their child home as opposed to staying in hospital. Most children are eating sandwiches a few hours after surgery, and some are even running around and playing. Safety, however, comes before convenience, and David is mindful to ensure appropriate counseling, advice, and provides written instructions for discharge.

bulletTurbinate reduction

The turbinates are swellings within the nose that cause nasal obstruction if they become too large. There are many methods of reducing the size of the turbinates but resection with a micro-debrider (sometimes referred to as a "Pac-Man" on TV medical shows) offers longer lasting results than some alternatives. This procedure has been seen on TV shows such as RPA. David McIntosh has been performing this procedure for over 10 years.

bullet"Coblation" assisted procedures

"Coblation" describes a range of procedures for both the nose and throat. In selected cases, the use of "Coblation" offers patients the opportunity for decreased pain in the early stages of recovery when compared to alternative methods. This technology is becoming increasingly popular in Queensland. David McIntosh has been using "Coblation" for over 10 years.

bulletDental and Orthodontic related ENT problems

David works closely with many dentists and orthodontists. These specialists often see children with breathing problems that co-exist with their altered teeth and facial development. There are many published studies confirming the role of ENT assessments in these children and the optimum age is between 6-12 years of age. If your child has or may require braces, a review by David can identify any potential airway issues that may be relevant to achieve a successful outcome.

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