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Note: we offer surgical techniques that often mean children do not require sinus surgery, even when medications are not working.


What are the sinuses?

The sinuses are air filled spaces located within the middle of the face. They are paired structures and there are 4 main groups- a pair beneath the eyes, a pair between the eyes, a pair above the eyes and the last pair located toward the back of the nose. There are many different problems that may arise from the sinuses. For example, sinus problems are associated with nasal blockage, problems with the sense of smell, facial pain, a runny nose, and mucus running down the back of the throat.

Sinus problems are also linked with a host of general health problems such as asthma, hay fever, allergy and snoring.

What causes sinus problems?

Nasal allergy is becoming a significant health problem. It is a condition which affects patient's quality of life. It is very embarrassing to have a constant runny nose.

Apart from allergy, nasal and sinus infections, blockage to the sinus drainage holes may occur. With all these potential problems leading to sinusitis, you can see why there is no "one cure fixes all". Fortunately there are a growing number of ENT Surgeons who are trained to manage sinus problems using advanced surgical techniques. These techniques involve the use of cameras and specially designed equipment to enable surgery to be done without scars on the face.  Surgery might be recommended if a trial of medical nasal sprays is unsuccessful.

Our surgeon, David McIntosh, has been trained by world leaders in specialised sinus surgery and has developed skills with these techniques in children during his additional training in New Zealand at the Starship Children's Hospital. His PhD is on healing after sinus surgery and he has published and presented on topics related to sinus surgery in children in Australia and overseas.

We suggest you talk to your GP first, and we would then be happy to organise an appointment for you.

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